Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Urban Garlic

Still tinkering with the blog settings. I've decided to identify myself as "Urban Garlic" -- it's a handle (or is it a nick?) that I use in a lot of places, and have for several years. I'm not sure if I'm the only one doing that, or not. Also I finally found the time-zone setting and got it right.
I picked the name because it had the word "urban" in it, and generally speaking I like cities better than their absence, and because it was a weak pun on "herb and garlic," which was the default salad dressing flavor before "ranch" came along.
I recently discovered that the urban dictionary says it's slang for marijuana. That wasn't what I had in mind, and since nobody seems to have heard of it at all, I think the danger of confusion is very low, both in the sense that people are unlikely to be confused, and that if they are, it's unlikely to be dangerous.

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