Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Connectedness of All Things

Putting together the link list over on the right there reminds me of how contingent some of these connections seem to be. I believe I discovered "Freefall" and "Bob the Angry Flower" from Usenet news groups, back in the day when physicists ruled the web, and was pleased to discover that Stephen Notley (of BtAF) is a fellow Canadian, and related to the Alberta provinicial politician Grant Notley, leader of the provincial New Democratic Party in Alberta in the 1970s.
From there, following the hosting link, I found Lore Sjöberg, and from there, many of my favorites, including Jonathan Coulton -- Lore linked to a YouTube video of "Code Monkey", and I was hooked enough to get tickets to see Coulton at the Birchmere when he was there.
I think possibly the only thing on that list that I found by looking for it is Dresden Codak, which turned up in a concerted effort to find interesting new webcomics. Quite a find, that one, and I was pleased to be able to chat with the artist/author and buy a "Dungeons and Discourse" poster.

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